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"Forgiveness means giving up all hope for a better past"

- Lily Tomlin (via brujabotanica)
🍬👼✨Lamby’s Clubhouse💕📳☕️

🍬👼✨Lamby’s Clubhouse💕📳☕️


West Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada by Queenie-v


West Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada by Queenie-v


wow look at this terrible role model for young girls.




what if your friend had a freak accident where his thang got cut off and he need a dick transplant and he ask you for 3 inches

how he gon ask me for all I got


PLAYLIST: Aerosmith - Crazy. Channelling Liv and Alicia today. This is one my fav music videos of all time. The baddest bitches.

YES love this track

Wanna Pick Up All Those Names You Just Dropped, Bruv?

G is currently spinning at an after hours in Chinatown. Before his set, an acquaintance introduced us to a random.

Within 10 seconds of meeting this dude, he had already name dropped. By 30 seconds into the conversation, we knew all his affiliations, what he did for a living, and his travel plans for the rest of the year. He said he loved traveling, but he had to come back home because his 1 year old daughter and wife miss him.

*What the fuck are you doing at a club when you’re not getting paid to be there, and traveling around for fun when you have an infant and wife at home?

Dude goes on to brag about his home grown weed, and offers to smoke us out. Suddenly our expressions go from unamused to interested. The guy name drops more, and invites G to come kick it at his studio, then looks at me and says “you have nothinggg to worry about! I’m a *married man, I have a 1 year old baby!” 😶

*Yes, a married man and father who parties at after hours on his own and travels for fun without his wife. Definitely the type of man I want my husband to be befriend!

Before I could respond, G cut in to get this fucxbois name. He gave us what I’m sure is 100% not his government name, his business card and then excused himself to the port-a-potty.

Moral of the story is, two puffs of mediocre weed is really not worth listening to some delusional clown ramble about his warped sense of self before he even tells you his first name.

People in LA are so lost. You are not who you know. They love to live vicariously through their acquaintances. How embarrassing.


you know how your body weakens when you eat unhealthy, unnatural foods thats how the ecosystems react when we feed them herbicides and pesticides and put such heavy demands on them to produce. we are literally sickening the earth